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Brake Rotors

Rodas Auto Repair & Parts: Brake Rotors

Ready to buy a new set of brake rotors but confused about what type of rotor would work best for your car or driving style? Come by Rodas Auto Repair & Parts at 27826 CA-74 or call 951-653-5367 and our auto parts specialist will be happy to help you select new brake rotors.

Four Types Of Brake Rotors

  • Blank - Features a smooth surface
  • Drilled - Offers multiple holes drilled into the surface of the rotor for better "bite"
  • Slotted - Has the appearance of smooth grooves that cover the diameter of the brake rotor
  • Drilled and Slotted - Offers the benefits of both drilled and slotted brake rotors combined in one

Most OEM factory installed brake systems use a blank rotor. But some high-performance cars or heavy-duty trucks use slotted and drilled brake rotors. Slotted grooves or drilled holes are used to vent heat away from the brake pad. As the rotor spins, heat build-up escapes. By removing extra heat the brakes may perform better under challenging conditions.

6 Reasons To Choose A Blank Smooth Brake Rotor or OEM Brake Rotor

  • Most common brake rotor used by most car manufacturers
  • Very cost-effective
  • Preferred by "around town" luxury car drivers and long-distance endurance racers
  • Quiet - smooth blank brake rotors produce very little street noise or rumble
  • Produces very little brake dust but may increase brake pad glazing
  • Lasts longer than other brake types

6 Reasons To Choose Drilled Rotors

  • Great for general use in street vehicles
  • Best known for performing well when raining because drilled holes give the water a place to escape
  • Holds up well over the life of the brake rotors
  • Delivers more friction causing the brake rotor to dry off quickly in wet conditions
  • Wears unevenly and may require frequent maintenance
  • Develops cracks when used for racing because the brake rotor cannot withstand repeated heat and cool cycles

6 Reasons To Choose Slotted Rotors

  • Great for heavy trucks, SUVs, off-road vehicles, tow trucks, and competition race cars
  • Cools brake rotors and pads quickly as slots remove heat each time the rotor spins
  • Delivers improved consistency with every stop, by distributing the friction on the brake pads
  • Slots shave off brake pad glaze to expose fresh material each time you brake. However, this benefit can also mean replacing your brake pads more often
  • Drivers who enjoy feeling connected to the road may like the rumble and noise created by slotted rotors
  • Offers fewer issues with cracks than drilled brake rotors

6 Reasons To Choose Drilled And Slotted Rotors

  • Works well in wet climates
  • The most commonly used brake rotor on Mercedes, BMW, and other high-performance luxury cars.
  • Great for tow trucks and vehicles carrying heavy loads where more energy is needed to come to a complete stop
  • The surface is vulnerable to cracking under extreme racing and track conditions
  • May wear unevenly and may require frequent maintenance
  • The rumbling noise generated by the brake rotors are an acceptable trade-off for increased performance for many driving enthusiasts




Honest, reliable auto repair shop. Very knowledgeable and they explain everything in layman's terms. They speak English and Spanish. They've been fixing my vehicles for years, and I've never had a problem. Vehicles are always fixed right the first time. Highly recommend this place.


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